Organic Skincare Products: Why You Should Try Them? – Parle Magazine

Organic Skincare Products: Why You Should Try Them? – Parle Magazine

Beauty is a vision that many seek to gain. The search for beauty drives big industries, such as the fashion world and the cosmetic industries. Beauty is the soul of many who seeks to gain the approval of someone else or their consent. However, we sometimes forget the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So, take time and appreciate that you are a beautiful person first. 

It is advisable to carefully select the products you apply to maintain your beautiful skin and its glow. We all have different skin types, which react differently to different skincare products. Some people only use water and soap as the only products they need to maintain their beautiful skin. Others must use skin products to take care of various skin issues, which drives them to purchase more skincare products. So, which skin care products work naturally on your skin? Have you tried to use organic skincare products? Why should you try them?

What Does The Term Organic Skincare Mean?

Organic skin care products come from organic plants that do not contain herbicides or any agricultural chemicals. How so? Farmers certified as organic farmers plant plants without using chemical or herbal fertilizers or sprays. The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) must review the organic skincare products before certifying these products. The USDA ensures skincare products declared as 100% organic meet their standards of 95% organic plant-based materials.

Why Use Organic Skincare Products?

1. Fewer Toxin skincare products

Your skin, especially facial skin, is sensitive to the skincare products we use on it. Skincare products that have ‘safe’ chemicals can change the composition of your skin or lead to other dermatological issues. The side effects of these skincare products can take a while to heal and may need various other products to treat them. 

The difference with organic skincare products is that plant-based products fit naturally with your skin’s composition. Thus, these products are less likely to give you skin irritation and inflammation. A word of caution, though. We all react differently to different skincare products. Therefore, try out various products for your skin type until you find one that works for your skin. No product is 100% foolproof. 

2. Natural Fragrances

Did you know the fragrances produced from chemical-based and synthetic skin care products have chemicals in them? According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), synthetic fragrances might cause cancer and reproductive toxicity. Organic skin care products do not have synthetic fragrances that irritate, cause allergic reactions, or harm you.


3. Beneficial for the Skin

From time immemorial, plant-based products were the incentive for medical and skin ailment treatments. Before introducing synthetic skin care products, natural and organic plant-based beauty products were popular for the glow and treatment of skin dermatology issues. Today, many organic skin care products have antioxidants that fight skin oxidative stress. Antioxidants lessen skin inflammation and skin damage that …….