The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Your Winter Skincare Routine When It’s An Absolute Tundra Outside – Forbes

The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Your Winter Skincare Routine When It’s An Absolute Tundra Outside – Forbes

Ah, winter. The harsh, long month of January can seem never-ending for many reasons, but in addition to the lack of sun and the lack of desire to even go outside and deal with going anywhere, winter can wreak havoc on your face. Not only is the air outside freezing and blustery, indoor heating systems deplete any ounce of moisture you may have left in your skin, creating redness, dryness and an overall lackluster appearance. That’s why using the right winter skincare products in these months is crucial.

Using the right winter skincare products in these months is crucial for protecting the external … [+] barrier of the skin and preventing dryness and inflammation.


“As the seasons and weather change, so does our skin’s natural proclivity to adjusting to these elements,” says Lauren Abramowitz, PA-C and founder of Park Avenue Skin Solutions in New York City. “Even more so as we are witnessing this winter, the weather can be extremely unpredictable and volatile, where some days feel like winter and others feel like summer.” With these seasonal shifts, as well as the temperature change in our homes, Abramowitz says it is essential to change up our skincare routines and nourish our skin differently than we do in other times of the year.

The main goal of your skincare routine in the colder months, she says, should be to protect the external barrier of the skin to prevent dryness and inflammation. “In the winter, I tend to focus on products that create more of a barrier on the skin because of the harsh elements of the environment. [City dwellers] tend to walk everywhere so it’s crucial to use products that are hydrating enough to protect and restore the skin’s external barrier,” says Abramowitz. “I tend to transition patients from using gel-based products to oil-based products that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalene, niacinamide, peptides, ceramides, probiotics and postbiotics.”

Using a humidifier during the colder months is also a great way to keep the air moist and curb some of the dryness from the lack of humidity. Below, are the top skincare products Abramowitz recommends to her clients for winter.

Best Winter Skincare Products

Incorporate A Plumping Serum

Fight signs of aging with a deeply nourishing serum that hydrates and plumps the skin, helping to eliminate the results of harsh winter conditions.

Protect Against Further Damage

Moisturize and protect delicate skin with a super nourishing squalane oil that will heal and hydrate, while simultaneously protecting skin from harsh environmental aggressors.

Play Defense With Vitamin C

A powerhouse antioxidant and skin brightener, this tried-and-true product delivers the ultimate winter protection, no matter what weather conditions you’re faced with.

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